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ANPR- Dubai

O2-ANPR or ENPR - Specially for Qatar & Dubai police requirements

Automatic Number Plate Recognition - Our specialization in the development of ANPR total solution. world's best ANPR reading technology embedded in our "O2 ANPR" system which is the 2nd generation highly accurate and super fast recognition system. O2 ANPR offers 99.5 % accuracy level, we optimized worlds top class Optical character reading system under O2 project. its a second generation optical character reading with multiple world class technology combined together. Specially for gulf countries DUBAI, UAE, Bahrain, Saudi arabia, Qatar, OMAN, Yemen, all European union license plates. We keeps strict quality policy and extreme case testing and implementation.


ANPR based parking system O2P - free flow entry and exit without any access control, RFID card show off no remote fully automatic. Our system will recognize your Car and open the gate for you in 2 seconds. Revolutionary intelligent system for your Hotel parking, Mall parking, Residential complex, Police buildings, Law enforcement etc.

ANPR system •Embedded automatic license plate recognition algorithm
•Full embedded Linux system working in extreme environment
•1/2/3/5/8 Mega Pixel high resolution CCD optional
•Dual encoding streams supported,
•Remote management
•Traffic flow statistics
•Ultra low power consumption
•Working Temperature: -30℃- +70℃


> ANPR system with Country, State and Plate type
> High quality video out put | high power white light
> Advanced video compression technology, high compression rate, accurate and stable bit stream control
> Adopt 1/3'' CCD image sensor, high color reducibility
> Multi(dual) encoding streams and ACF (activity control frame)supported.
> Embedded White light LED lamp.
> Support SD card storage.
> Support main frequency synchronization.
> Support strobe light signal output.
> Remote gate opening all from the same unit


Available as either a stand alone system or seamlessly integrated with speed measurement and surveillance system, O2 ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) is our proven, high performance system for capturing and monitoring vehicle registration marks and overview images. It can record all number plates to any form of Database ORACLE, SQL, ACCESS or even text ASCII. Black list or white list number plates, Black list will be alerted by the security professionals and Police. Seamless integration with existing database and listed data base, sequential database integration and live data base integration.

About the technology

Reading automatically the registration number means transforming the pixels of the digital image into the ASCII text of the number plate.
While license plate recognition has special type of OCR technology, today optical character recognition (OCR) technology is considered strictly a type of technology - mainly software - that lets you scan paper documents and turn them into electronic, editable files.
From the LPR/ANPR point of view the image quality is always key factor. Capturing of fast moving vehicles needs special technique to avoid motion blur which can decrease the recognition accuracy dramatically. To ensure the right image quality short shutter time need to be used with the combination of high-power illumination.
The best illumination is the IR, because the retro-reflective plates reflect this kind of light very well and it is undetectable for the human eye. This combination works fine during day and night and provides constant good image quality.
Only dedicated ANPR cameras meet these requirements, like AHR's ANPR cameras, which provide flexible shutter control with built-in IR flash and able to catch the vehicles up to 250km/h which is suitable for all kind of license plate reading applications.
About ANPR
While License Plate Recognition, abbreviated as LPR, and Automatic Number Plate Recognition, abbreviated as ANPR are the most commonly understood terms, there are several other living expressions for ANPR, such as: license plate reading, numberplate recognition, car plate recognition, car license recognition, car plate reading, registration number recognition, automatic plate identification, automatic plate reading, optical plate recognition, vehicle plate recognition, car plate OCR, automatic license recognition, automatic licence plate recognition, car number OCR, etc...

What Make "O2 ANPR " pioneers in the industry
1. High quality OCR software with its OCR recognition algorithms. We use best neural algorithms.
High quality of cameras & Illumination we use Full HD, WDR 160db imaging units, and 850um Infrared illumination
We combined worlds best OCR technology for reading car plates and driving software for integration and data handling. Contact us for more information

ANPR ANPR system