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O2 Oxygen ANPR - The natural way of parking | Automatic number plate Recognition

Simplicity is not so simple, We worked very hard to make it simple..! Middle east version - Full log | Access control | Plate information | Country, State and Plate No | Reporting | Export to Excel, PDF, CSV .. etc

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O2 ANPR software
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Simple operation

Simplicity is not simple, easy readable format and color scheme. Quick feed for the last 10 (last 40) records, Country, State, Number and time -- Lot more

Graphical reports

For easy reading and understanding we included graphical reports - Date wise, hourly based, Plate number wise etc

Ultra fast performance

Fast processing, Fastest processing speed, 240 License plates can scan in a minute* . Up to 255KMPH speeding vehicle can freeze

Live video and Still image 

For easy and accurate display - O2 ANPR provides  both Live video and Still image in a single screen. Direct Gate opening from the main screen(access control only) and much more.

O2 ANPR Camera

Image quality is one of the major factor in ANPR recognition. Our camera equipped with high power white light to make sure the clear picture at Night time.

Weather proof

Weather proof design - completely sealed camera to make sure industrial weather proofing standards. Fan less design, in core heatsink. Temperature shield to cool down the camera naturaly.

Sharp image

Sharp image, specially designed for number plate capturing. Reflective or non reflective number plates

Seamless integration 

Perfect O2 ANPR and camera combination, Auto brightness, auto gain, auto focus 

App Screenshot
  • Accurate Results
  • Middle east | DUBAI | INDIA
  • Professional
  • Excellent Reporting
  • O2-ANPR or ENPR - Specially for Qatar & Dubai police requirements

    Automatic Number Plate Recognition - Our specialization in the development of ANPR total solution. world's best ANPR reading technology embedded in our "O2 ANPR" system which is the 2nd generation highly accurate and super fast recognition system. O2 ANPR offers 99.5 % accuracy level, we optimized worlds top class Optical character reading system under O2 project. its a second generation optical character reading with multiple world class technology combined together. Specially for gulf countries DUBAI, UAE, Bahrain, Saudi arabia, Qatar, OMAN, Yemen, all European union license plates. We keeps strict quality policy and extreme case testing and implementation.

    ANPR based parking system O2P - free flow entry and exit without any access control, RFID card show off no remote fully automatic. Our system will recognize your Car and open the gate for you in 2 seconds. Revolutionary intelligent system for your Hotel parking, Mall parking, Residential complex, Police buildings, Law enforcement etc.•Embedded automatic license plate recognition algorithm
    •Full embedded Linux system working in extreme environment
    •1/2/3/5/8 Mega Pixel high resolution CCD optional
    •Dual encoding streams supported,
    •Remote management
    •Traffic flow statistics
    •Ultra low power consumption
    •Working Temperature: -30℃- +70℃

  • Specially designed for middle east

    We specially designed the system for middle east requirements
    1) UAE (all states)
    2) Saudi Arabia
    3) OMAN
    4) QATAR
    5) Bahrain
    6) IRAN, IRAQ

    .:. All type and kind of number plate we can read
    .:. System is ready for the harsh environment
    .:. Arabic plate can read and identify
    .:. Integrated Access control system
    .:. Natural way of access control - no need to wait any more
    .:. POLICE black list monitoring capable
    .:. White listing - Alarm, pop up alerts, remote audio* and so on

  • Professional design | Professional products

    We keep exceptional quality from bottom to toe, we allow no loop holes any where in the design.  Proudly choose the best color combination to less strain to our eyes.   Simple and easy to use front end designing - No more digging menus - straight look into the screen. everything you need in front of you.

    Quality components makes a system outstanding 
    Our product will stand out from the crowd due its quality and designing perspective. Fully shielded housing to protect from all weather conditions, specially middle east having the harsh environment dust, heat ... rain. No worry we taken care for all.

  • Power full reporting options

    Reporting :   
    Fully fledged reporting tool
    1) Plate number  -  Numeric / alpha numeric plate number Arabic and english
    2) Country  -  Country of origin  UAE / Saudi/ OMAN
    3) State - Plate issued state   DUBAI/ Abudhabi / Ajman 
    4) Time  - Time of entry or exit  eg. 3rd Nov, 2015 : 11:47:22
    5) Status  - Type of authentication

    Plate image data:

    6) Plate color :  Plate back ground color
    7) Plate Text : Plate text color
    8) Plate Special area color :  Special area color e.g.:  Abudhabi plate having red/green @ right hand side of the plate
    9) Plate style :  Long, Short  etc eject a unique code
    10)  Still picture of the vehicle

O2 ANPR is a simple and powerful ANPR solution - ANPR DUBAI

Specially developed ANPR system for UAE, Qatar and OMAN Inbuilt access control system, Works with any kind of gate barrier system. Contact US -

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