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Oxygen O2

Oxygen breathes new life into your Home or Business
 Monitor and conrol all facilities from your comfort zone.


Intrusion Detection system

Multipurpose security system,  Which monitor all your doors, windows, Cash safe or even temperature.  Respose time 0.2 second, Exit door monitoring to the new level of security and protection. System can send live photos if any events happened compatible IP camera can attach.  IOT - Internet of things can monitor and control from anywhere in the world.

What is Oxygen O2 ? 

Oxygen  O2 can monitor Exit doors, LPG leak, Co2, Air quality, Air dust content, Temperature, Ultra low temperature monitoring, Light intensity, human presence, Movement detection, Thermal detectors. 24x7 full speed scanning 2000 times in a second, accurate reading and high reliability. Live push notifications - Live messenger integration with live photos. Light weight communication protocol for fast and easy notification. Few bytes can do the job. Exit door monitoring to the new level of security and protection. System can send live photos if any events happened. Live monitoring can be installed in any number of devices. Mobile device support, Can easily monitor from your convenience. Very low data consumption.

Home automation

We introducing revolutionary home/office automation system, monitor & control all your equipments from your anywhere everywhere. Even if you are in home or out side. it takes only few bytes to make the control happen. Latest technology in a very simplified manner.


Oxygen Touch

World's simplest Smart Home System & PLC controller for industrial automation.

"Simple can be harder than complex; you have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple .. Steve Jobs"


Facility Monitoring System

Fully fledged facilty monitoring system. Door status, Temperature, Air quality, dust, CO2, Water level, IT server rack monitoring.


Exit Door Monitoring

Fully fledged intrusion detection system with unlimmited options. Can be easly monitored via mobile devices.


Satisfaction survey

Satisfaction survey to the new level of satisfaction.


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