Oxygen breathes new life into your Home or Business Monitor and conrol all facilities from your comfort zone.
Oxygen O2

Internet of things

Control from any where

Monitor from any where

Built in power management

Lightling fast response

Application area

Shopping malls Hyper market/ Super market Retail chain Warehouses Commercial buildings

Fire Exit monitoring, Temperature on critical areas, Various location temperature measurements, Critical area safety, Entrance and exit with live snapshot, General area lighting control, Power status monitoring, Power consumption monitoring, Centralized monitoring and control, Monitor from anywhere, Critical information reporting, Shop attendance - Full featured Dash board for centralized monitoring

Control your business or home

Home devices control, Automations, Voice activated controls Amazon ALEXA, Google Home, Apple Home kit integration Unified control for all smart electronics devices Energy meters, Monitor your energy consumption

Industry leading interfaces

Oxygen can communicate with any kind of sensors, Mechanical, Reed sensors, PIR sensors, Temperature sensor, Zigbee, MODBUS or any
multiple integration
Tons of information Clear and live dash board - Monitor and control from a single interface
World’s simplest Smart Home System & PLC controller for industrial automation. Exit door monitoring, Lighting control simple and fast 0.2 sec, Direct report.

Performance Overview

“Simple can be harder than complex; you have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple .. Steve Jobs”

Graphical Report

Fully fledged graphical map display

Multiple Connectivity

It communicate with all kind of sensors and control anything - Water irrigation | Ligting control| Fully automated

1080p Live View

Live report

Fast Switching

A control in 0.2 second

Stable Screen Picture

Monitor from any where

Fast Data Transfer

Cloud support

Automation to the next level

Monitor | Control | Report

100+ Installations

Dubai | Qatar | Muscat | Soudi

Prompt Support

24x7 Dedicate support

Free System Upgrade

Future ready