Meet Caséta by Lutron. Smart Lighting At The Switch
Home Lit at Dusk


Set the lights to turn on or off at a specific time of day. Or, use our Sunset Tracker to control the lights without fail — even when the season changes, and you gain or lose an hour.


Control one or multiple lights at the same time by creating a scene — so you can transform a room from “Game Night” brightness to “Movie Time” mood in no time. And when it’s bedtime, turn off all the lights right from your bed.

Family Watching Movie on Couch
Well Lit Home at Sunset

Smart Away

Look like you’re home even when you’re not. Use Smart Away to randomly turn your lights on and off throughout the evening to give the illusion that you are home — even if you’re out for the night or away for the week.

The most connected smart lighting control brand

Caséta works with more smart products than any other smart lighting brand. That means you can smarten up your home one room at a time and easily manage all your devices as you expand.

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